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What we do



With qualified and dedicated workforce, RICO HUB + boasts of the ability to approach each construction project efficiently and diligently. The ultimate goal is always to complete each task in a timely manner while ensuring clients experience the real value for money. Our technical know – how and expertise positions us to construct roads, undertake real estate developments or any other construction projects.

Topographical Site Information

Topographical Survey drawings provide architects, designers, planners and constructors with current and accurate plan for your works area. This information is integral to all stages of the project life cycle, feasibility, planning, design, contours, construction and handover.

Cadastral Surveys

We undertake cadastral surveys in order to produce site plans of landed properties (e.g buildings, land, farms etc) for clients. We are also capable of demarcating boundary of properties as well as parcels of land.

As-Built Surveys

Capable of providing clients with as-built survey records of the built environment as part of the final handover process.

GIS/Spatial Data Mapping Services

We provide GIS consulting for almost any kind of business; develop project ideas and business strategies. We utilise modern hand held GIS data collector and database queries to provide Remote Sensing and GIS solutions to our clients in the Country. We also specialize in GIS/RS online Data Acquisition.

Hydrographic Survey

We are capable of producing nautical charts from hydrographic/bathymetric surveys we undertake utilising latest software such as Hypak Survey Mapping Software.